Services We Provide

Our main goal is to make your wood floors as beautiful as they can be.  
We do this by sanding all the old finish off the floor.  Then we coat the
floor with the stain and finish of your choice. As part of our service we can
refinish stairways, remove carpet, do small floor repairs, as well as
remove and install shoe molding and various thresholds. Although we do
personally do installation of flooring, I can arrange for it to be done
and make some suggestions as to the decisions and choices you will
need to make.  All furniture has to be removed from the rooms being
refinished.  This is the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes
removing hanging clothes and items from the floors of closets and
pantries being done.

On this page I will endeavor to describe the process and walk you
through the decisions you will need to make to determine what you want
done, how long it may take, and what affects the price.
Sanding a Floor

We use various kinds of sanding machines, as well as, hand scraping to
sand the floor.  For a photo journal of how we do it click here.  Keep in
mind that floors in very rough condition might need more aggressive
sanding, but in general the process is similar even if the floor is not in
that bad of shape.  Most of the time sanding a floor will remove
scratches, stains, and cupping or crowning of the wood.  But if the stains
or scratches are very deep, they may not come out completely.
Sometimes it is hard to know if it will come out until you try.  Sanding
grits can vary depending on what wood you are sanding, it's condition,
and if the floor is being stained.
What We Do and How Do We Do It
Staining and Finishing

Floors may be finished  natural, which means the sealer or finish is put
on the bare wood.  The wood will turn whatever natural color that it is
going to turn.  The alternative is staining the floor before finishing it.
This is an extra step and adds to the cost and the time to complete the
job.  There are a variety of colors for you to choose from.  We go over
these colors with you in person and can even do color samples on the
floor when we come to do the job.  We hand rub the stain into the wood
and it usually takes overnight to dry.

Next is the finish choice.  There are many finishes on the market. We
have narrowed it down to a couple of choices.  One choice is oil base
polyurethane.  Oil base polyurethane has been used on wood floors for
many years now.  It is less expensive than newer water base finishes.  
It has a beautiful luster and classic look that many have come to
expect from their floor. It has more of an amber color naturally than a
water base. It comes in high gloss, semi gloss, and satin. There are
some disadvantages of oil base finish.  One is the strong fumes it
produces.  Each coat takes overnight to dry to the touch.  The full cure
time, or time to be completely dry all the way through, can vary
between 2 to 4 weeks.  It tends to yellow or amber over the course of
years.  And it is not as durable as the new commercial water base
finishes.  Oil is a great choice if you can be away from the house while
the job is being done and/or if want to keep the price down.  We are
currently using Masterline oil base polyurethane.

Another choice is water base finish.  We currently use
Bona water base
finish. There are a couple of different levels of finish Bona offers.  We
primarily use Bona Novia, Bona Mega, and Bona Traffic HD.  They
market these as a good, better, and best system.  You can refer to
their website for more information at  Water base is
applied just like oil base and has a similar final appearance. Water
base is typically more expensive, although Bona Novia is almost the
same price as oil base poly. Mega and Traffic are more expensive.
They all cure completely in 7 days.  They vary in durability.  Novia is
about the same as oil base.  Mega is slightly better and Traffic is
considerably more wear resistant than oil base poly.  It is a
non-yellowing finish.  It does not have the toxic fumes of an oil base.  
In some cases Bona water base finish can be applied in the morning
and you will have access to the floor the same afternoon or evening.

Feel free to check out the links to the manufacturer's sites for more
information on the finishes.

In general you should put on 2 or 3 coats of finish depending on the
amount of traffic there will be on the floor.  This is the case with oil
base or water base.  In most cases you can move furniture back in 48
hours.  It is better to wait to put rugs down until the floor is fully cured.  
I can discuss  this with you more in person.

So main decisions that affect price are whether you stain the floor or go
natural, what finish you choose, and how many coats you choose to put
Shoe Molding and Thresholds

It is not necessary to remove shoe molding (molding between floor
and baseboard) when refinishing your floor.  The edging machine
sands right up to it. But removing it does allow the sander to get closer
to the wall and so results in a higher quality job, but then it has to be
replaced.  This results in an extra expense.  Shoe molding should be
replaced if the floor will be changed in color, and the molding is much
lighter or darker than the floor will be.  Or it may be that the molding
is very old and falling apart.  Or it may be that settling of the floor has
caused separation between the floor and the molding.  The best result
is removing the molding, sanding the floor, and then replacing the
molding, but as I said it is not necessary.

If moldings or thresholds need to be replaced, we are capable of doing
that and would be happy to do so.
Carpet Removal

In older homes especially, sometimes there is hardwood flooring
under wall to wall carpet.  We can remove that for you and haul the
old carpet and padding away.  Then we have to remove tack boards
and staples nailed into the floor.  We generally charge per room for
this service.  After removing everything we can begin sanding.  We do
our best to fill nail and staple holes with wood filler.  Most of the time,
there is no shoe molding when carpet has been down.  It is usually
necessary to install moldings on a job where we have removed carpet.
We would be glad to do this.

Customers are responsible for moving furniture.  This is mainly for
liability reasons.

It should be expected to touch up paint when the job is complete.  
Despite our best efforts, there may be some marks around door
jambs, baseboards, etc.  This may be especially true when replacing
shoe molding or doing stairs.  Some may wait to paint till floors are
finished or, if not, schedule a touch up for after they are done.

Most jobs can be completed within a business week.  With larger jobs
or more complex finishing, it may take into the following week.  You
can move in 48 hours after most any job is done.

We generally have a $
800.00 minimum for small jobs.  It can be
more depending on stain and finish chosen.  

Jobs may be broken into phases if necessary.  It is best to do it in no
more than two or three phases.