Here are some more shots of work we have done
recently.  More will be coming  soon!
This is a natural oak floor coated natural with Bona Traffic waterbase
finish semi gloss.  The finish is dry so you can see how much shine is
on the floor.
Portfolio 3
This is an example of a stain in the floor that was sanded out.  It can't always be sanded out.  It depends on how
deep the stain is.
This is an oak floor where the customer wanted a grey floor.  We mixed white and ebony stain to get this effect.
This is oak flooring made from an very old barn.  
The wood was milled from the walls of the barn.  
The oil base polyurethane has been put on half
the room.  There is quite a difference between
the raw wood and the natural color once poly has
been put on.
Prefinished existing oak floor sanded, stained Dark Walnut, and finished with Bona Traffic Satin.
Set of stairs with
stained treads and
painted kickplates.
Color samples showing difference between
waterpopping floor (on right) and not (on left).  
Stairs and floor stained with Jacobean/Provincial mix and
finished with Bona Traffic.