Here are some more shots of work we have done
recently.  More will be coming  soon!
This is a newly installed red oak floor finished natural.  David is applying the second coat on the left and this is the
second coat of oil base polyurethane still wet on the right.
Tigerwood natural
Portfolio 2
This is a before and after of a newly installed walnut floor done next to an existing oak floor.  The whole area was
sanded and finished natural with oil base polyurethane.  The area is going to be a kitchen.
Eastern Red Cedar natural
The floor above is oak.  On the left it has been belt sanded, and we still have to sand the edges.  On the right it has
been stained with Sedona Red stain and finished with a water base finish.
Below is the same job.  The customers painted the stairs themselves.  I thought it looked nice and is a good
example of something different that can be done with stairs.
This is an example of a parquet floor we did recently in the Willow Lawn area.  We finished it natural with a Bona
Traffic waterbase finish semi gloss.
Before and after of oak floor stained with Provincial stain and freshly coated with oil base poly.
On the left a freshly coated natural wormy maple floor.  Rare and beautiful.  On the right a mahogany floor finished natural with
an oak set of steps stained to match the floor.
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Raw wood on the left.  We stained it with Jacobean stain on the right.  It did not have the finish on it yet.  You can
see our dust collection vacuum in the picture on the left.