Maintenance and Miscellaneous
We recommend the Bona Hardwood Cleaning Kit for cleaning your wood
floors.  You can get this through me or at retailers that carry it.  I have
seen them at many retail stores in the area.
To be honest there are alternative cleaning methods. Mainly you want
to avoid products with oils and waxes.  And you don't want to use a lot
of water on a wood floor.  
Please Read the Following:
This comes from a wood flooring website and is very good
information to have in mind.  While expecting the best job
possible, it is important to be realistic about how the job may
turn out and how it should be judged.

Things you SHOULD NOT expect from a wood floor finish !

1. A table top finish. Each piece of oak flooring sands differently
depending on its grain type (plain or quartered) making it
virtually impossible for a completely flat surface.  

2. Dust-free finish. Since your floor is being finished in your home
it is not possible to achieve a "clean room" environment. Some
dust will fall onto the freshly applied top finish.  

3. A monochromatic floor. Wood, as a natural product, varies
from piece to piece. Remember it is not fabricated -- it is milled
from a tree and will have grain and color variations consistent
with the grade and species of flooring selected.  

4. A floor that will not indent. In spite of the term "hardwood",
Oak flooring will indent under high heel traffic (especially heels in
disrepair). The finish that is applied will not prevent the dents.  

5. A floor without cracks between the boards, or within the
parquet pieces. Although your new floor may start tight together,
as a natural product it will continue to absorb and release
moisture. This natural process will cause the flooring to expand
and contract from season to season -- resulting in cracks
between some of the pieces in your floor. Some stain colors,
such as white, will show this process more than others.
Understand that furniture, cabinetry, doors, etc., are fabricated
in a factory under ideal conditions and that they contain 1-10
different pieces of wood. Their floor is fabricated in their own
home and is made up of 300 to a thousand individually different
pieces. And that their floor is never to be duplicated -- a truly
custom floor of their own !

After the job is completed, go over the job with the estimator
and/or job supervisor. Maintenance procedure should be
reviewed, along with proper protection of furniture (place
protection under legs) before it is placed onto the new wood
floor and items of concern should be addressed. Remember,
wood floors are an investment, proper maintenance will give you
years of beauty & enjoyment !

How should I inspect my new hardwood floor?
Inspection should be done from a standing position with normal
lighting. Glare particularly from large windows, magnifies any
irregularity in the floors and should not determine acceptance.
A finish similar to that found on fine furniture should not be
expected. Trash in the finish, a wavy look along strips, deep
swirls or sander marks, and splotchy areas can be indication of
inadequate finishing or cleaning. The quality of the finish can be
acceptable and still include some of these problems, but they
should not appear over the entire floor.
The perimeter and hard to reach areas (i.e. under radiators,
around cabinets and cabinet cut-outs, closets, corners, etc.) are
most likely to contain these irregularities.
Again, when inspected from a standing position these
irregularities may be present but should not be prominent.